Are Torrents Illegal?


A question that I hear a lot is “are torrents illegal” and “is torrenting illegal?” The answer to these questions lies entirely in what your torrenting. Torrenting on its own is not illegal and is no different from downloading a file, it is simply a different way of downloading. Torrenting only become illegal when you use to it download copyrighted works or “pirate” software. The term pirating refers to downloading or torrenting works/software that you would normally have to pay for. Pirating is illegal and can land you in a lot of trouble depending on how you do it and what you pirate. So to recap on that torrents alone are not illegal and will not get you in trouble. However, if you use torrents to pirate copyrighted works then what your doing becomes illegal. Now if your stubborn and choose to take this risky action anyways there are ways to download torrents anonymously.

Anonymous torrent downloading is something that has become more of a common practice over the last few years and to those that know how, a very easy practice. The most common way is to simply use a bittorrent proxy and for most people that is fix that they stick with. But if your really want to download anonymously then your best bet is to invest in a VPN. When you use a VPN all of your downloads,torrent connections, and web surfing becomes nothing more then a scrambled stream of data to any would-be spies.This practice is also known as torrent encryption or encrypted downloading. Another bonus or using an encrypted connection is that your ISP is not able to see what your doing, unlike a proxy. Proxies are only secure to people on the outside of your network while a VPN will protect you from both sides. I suggest using HMAPro if your looking for a high quality VPN.

If for some reason your would rather use proxies or even use a combo of both I would suggest using proxies for these guys(BuyProxies). They are by far the best providers that I know of and have never let me down in the terms of quality or speed.

If you do decide to join the dark side of the torrent world, at least make sure that you are protected. Being caught can mean high legal fees, drawn out court cases, and even embarrassment. Take the time to protect yourself NOW rather then wait until it is too late. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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