Are Torrents Safe to Use?


The answer to this question depends on what you’re torrenting. Torrents were originally designed as a way to crowdsource the hosting of files. By allowing many people to upload the file you can distribute much faster with less of a strain on your resources. Many companies use torrents to distribute larger files, distributions of Linux come to mind here. Even the massive game company Blizzard uses peer-to-peer networking for some of their downloads.

So no, torrents are not illegal and when used for legal content they are 100% safe. However, that game of thrones season finale that you just copped off of the pirate bay certainly is not safe. The reason is that the uploader does not have the rights to share that file or even posses a copy and you did not pay for access to watch the episode. This is why many companies have such an issue with torrents. They allow millions of people each day to access whatever content be it movies, music, or tv shows for free. Hence the mass lawsuits of the past.

If you decide to use torrents for less than legal reasons(movies/music/games/tv shows) invest in a VPN. A VPN will keep you safe from the prying eyes of the anti-piracy agencies and your ISP.

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