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Hi, welcome to “not to get caught downloading(dot)com” This site is intended to be a full guide on how to protect your online privacy and avoid being tracked while engaging in anonline activity.zd-front-door-2-btl-zaw2-300x205

First off I do not condone piracy and you should not take this guide as an excuse to pirate other peoples work without consent. I am not a lawyer and cannot provide legal advice or support, what is written on this site should be taken “as is”. What you choose to do with the information provided on this site is 100% your choice. Torrenting copyrighted works and pirating can both be very risky activities and the only way to be sure that you will never be caught is to simply abstain from doing it in the first place.  If you somehow do manage to get caught at some-point down the road remember that I did warn you of the possible out comes. It’s in your best interest to keep your safety in mind, if you cannot afford to be caught then don’t do it!

Youtube took my video down….go figure.

Now that we have that nasty bit out of the way lets take a few minutes to talk about who gets targeted!

A common misconception is that the RIAA is going to come down with a huge list and sue 4254354345 people in one fell sweep. Well guess what? That happens, but not by the RIAA(Often, you can read about one of those lawsuits here). We call those Copyright-Trolls and we will return to those in a few. The RIAA/MPAA usally won’t care if you download a few things, it’s only when you start uploading them what you start to become a target. Good thing for us small guys that both of the huge organisations exist for profit and most of the time are tied up with suing software providers like limewire and targeting major uploaders that are in the game for profit.

So if the RIAA/MPAA don’t care why should I?

This is where it starts to get really nasty. People(lawfirms) discovered a few years back that they could sue people on the behalf of music and movie company’s. So they would get a list of IP addresses and subpoena their ISPs for their contact information. Upon getting the contact info they would send letters stating that you will be sued unless you pay x amount per infringement. So for almost no effort they could “fishnet” a few thousand people and scare them into the paying under the basis of avoiding massive court fees and public humiliation. This of course was just an easy cash scheme and over the past few years has slowly been slowing down as no-one likes trolls. My point in all of this is that you can never been quite sure what is safe and what is not. You never quite know who or what is going to get the ax. It is well worth your time to protect yourself now rather then fight some silly charge later.

This concludes the Boring part, the next few pages will focus on what you really came here for

Check out Page 2 -All about Torrent Trackers

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