Google Disables Torrent Related Ads Because of Copyright Infringement


As Cody Jackson has recently found out Google will have nothing to do with torrent related ads. Jackson has his ads disabled after running an ad related to his latest eBook ”Start Programming with Python”. Despite the fact that Jackson is the writer and the publisher of the book the ads promoting the torrent were disabled. When Jackson asked for a response he got nothing but a canned reply, that in all likelihood had nothing to do with the stated matter anyways. Google being the largest search engine in the world and owing Youtube along with multiple other services has no direct way to contact them so this seems like the end of the line. This just makes it all the more clear that Google with have nothing to do with the matter what-so-ever, and despite the fact that Google claims to have some of the best transparency policies then remain silent on all counts. Yet another anti-torrent blow has been stuck.

OH well guess we just have to move on without approval.

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