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How to download torrents anonymously

When it comes to not being caught downloading proxies and VPNs are by far your best bet! Of all the methods I will go over on this site, these are the ones that you should be most concerned with. Before we get started you need to understand that while these may be listed in the same section they are by no means equal in the level of protection that they offer. Your best bet is not to rely on a single method, but rather string them all together to form one giant safety net. Also never rely on free services when it comes to protecting your privacy, at least with paid services they have some reason to keep your best interests in mind.


Proxies are by far the most well known and popular means of cloaking your location and hiding your actions. Proxies can also be used to download torrents and files among other things. What a proxy does is hide your IP address behind another IP address. Making it harder for people outside your proxy to view your real IP address. I personally have tried several proxy providers and have been happiest with the ones from BuyProxies. Now before you run off buying proxies to torrent that new movie I’m going to take the time to explain the difference between a proxy and a VPN.

What is the different between a proxy and a VPN?

When you use a proxy it really only changes what people on the other side of the proxy see. So you are protected from everyone BUT your ISP as you still have to travel through your ISP in order to get to the proxy. What this means is that your ISP can still see what your downloading. When you use a VPN you still have to travel through your ISP. However, the traffic is now encrypted so they can see the traffic but not the contents. Proxies are of course much cheaper than a VPN and will protect to some extent. However, if you wish for more security I would highly suggest a VPN as your chances of getting caught doing anything “questionable” drops significantly. In the way of VPNs I would suggest HMAPro, mostly because of the number of different locations and speeds you can choose from. It’s also easy to configure and get running so no file editing required!

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