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This is a very over looked part about how not be caught torrenting and most likely the one that gets a large number of people a nasty letter from their ISPs. To be honest this is the very first thing that you should change about how you torrent. (If you are just here about safe downloading not torrenting skip to the next page) Most people who torrent use or have used ThePirateBay, to be honest TPB is probably when most people get started pirating after hearing about it in some major case going on. TPB is the most widely used torrent site and with that title comes the “Most Tracked” title. It also uses public trackers meaning that anyone can have a look at who is doing what. Trackers exist to help the peers(downloaders) communicate with each other while exchanging information. If your using a public tracker you are at risk of being logged while downloading a torrent and later being the target of a lawsuit.

The easiest solution is to get an invite to a private torrent tracker such at the one that Demonoid  provides, By using a private torrent index and a private tracker you reduce the risk of being seen downloading a torrent. Demonoid is by no means the only private tracker either and I encourage you to find one that suites your needs. Be warned that most of the private trackers require you to keep a upload/download ratio in order to maintain membership. Uploading or seeding a torrent will always make you a slightly larger target in the eyes of copyright holders.

However, private trackers come with several advantages or their own. Besides the fact that they are more secure they are also moderated more closely and your more likely to receive what your downloading. Private trackers are usally watched for bad and virus infected torrents. Your download may also be faster due to the forced upload/download ratio required. As more experienced torrenters tend to use private trackers you may end up downloading you file from a dedicated seedbox or line making your download go even faster!

Now with a private tracker in hand you can breath a little easier but this alone is still not enough

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