Torrent Trolls want to Call and Interrogate Pirates


The company behind the hit movie “The Dallas Buyers Club” has finally been given permission to go after people who pirated the movie.

It is estimated that around 5000 account holders will be targeted under the ruling. And while they will be pushing for cash as per normal the surprise is that the want to call and bully you as well. They’ve even been kind enough to provide a script detailing some of the questions that they might ask, including questions about income and previous privacy. That’s a pretty funny joke actually,

“Sir how many movies have you pirated?”

“Uhhhh *click*”

Most of the targets seem to be customers of the ISP iiNet. iiNet seems to think that the fines could be as small as ‘$5’ but I think we all know that’s crap. DBS will inevitably try to charge people based on their income and past piracy since that’s one of the questions that their little script includes.

The guy from the ISP iiNet Richard Lancaster seems to think the script is a little too strong and broadly worded.

“There’s no justification for getting into a royal commission into end users’ use of the BitTorrent network,” Mr Lancaster said. “It’s about the film.”

The script also implies that the party is guilty which is not the case a guilt is something that must be proven. However, when being faced with a lawsuit I think most people will give in and pay. Which has always been my problem with these kinds of things. It’s easy money, you just threaten 10000 people and if 1000 pay you still make bank.

“The people on the phone aren’t told, ‘We’ve been given your details in respect to a court order,” he said. “They are being told much more firmly, ‘You have infringed and we are going to sue if you don’t settle’.”

DBC has not announced how much they will be asking but it’s safe to assume the more money you say you have the more that they will ask for.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t become the new standard in troll suites. In the meantime, get a VPN so you don’t have to deal with this crap in the first place.

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